Hammock chillen.

#tbt to this slut fest lol 🍦P.S. I’ve got a pair of tix to give away for the Halloween throwdown with @borgore & @stylesandcomplete over on #LZRS! Pay attention..

thats a goo tbt right there

When you make a new best friend
She is the most retarded but lovable cat ever. Personal space is nonexistent to her.
Part one to #antiwookcrew Thursday edition…..dicks. More to come stay tuned.


Check out this article done by FUCK REAL LIFERemember kids FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE BIG DUB!!!

It was difficult to imagine what a sold out 4,000 person camping festival would look like, but we couldn’t have hoped for anything better. Big Dub felt like a raver/hippie summer camp; like Nickelodeon’s ‘Salute Your Shorts’ collided with Insomniac’s Electric Forest. Roaming the grounds in golf cart chariots, staff chanted witticisms over megaphones, attaching things like “Fuck her right in the Big Dub” and “Wubba Lubba Big Dub” to announcements. Campers practiced random acts of kindness and wished each other “Happy Big Dub!” with the same sincerety and fervor of children at Christmas; here the vibe was king.


So guess whats coming to dc…the show you all know and love LEGACY DC (warehouse rave). The line up is pretty insane and this party is know to sell out so get tickets as soon as you can.
When I doubt always go full douchebag. #cci #cloudchasersinc #smokingisdead #subohm #totallyaclone