If she doesn’t know she too you for you bro. @instabone5
#officephotofriday chasing clouds while doing java updates from my couch at the office. *Atmosphere plays in background* #cloudchasers #subohm #lifeofit
I would give my left pinkie for a nice bag of pressies and brag to all my friends.

thrasher mag BRO

Daily dose of love quotes here
Probably the only thing that going to get me through my day. @tiesto elements of life.
A low of 27° and a freeze warning till 9 am tomorrow. Go home weather your drunk.
Get at me kids.
Look at this bitch.
OG shit to work and some on the way home. @nixsindub
Got my juice so nothing else matters. #cloudchasers #smokingisdead


Ultra Music Festival: it’s synonymous with mollied-out fluffy ravers making love to trees, casually urinating on drunken bystanders, and the bro generation throwing themselves around to an endless onslaught of Dutch DJs dropping banger after banger. To understand UMF, you must understand that it’s…

@colonelweirdbeard hit up G2 asking with anyone had prime closer to us than Baltimore this was their response. :D
Dual 5 wraps twisted 28g parallel came out to .14 ohms. #subohm #cloudchasers #smokingisdead